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It all began as a child, when I was given a single lens reflex camera (analogue) by my godfather. And the nice part is, he also gave me a variety of lenses. My absolute favourite was the tele, I think it was about 400mm. At that time I was fascinated by the animal world and so birds were my objects of desire. I had absolutely no idea how to use the camera properly. Aperture or shutter speed? What is that? ISO? That's what it says on the film but I have no idea what it is. So it happened that most of the film I developed was unusable. At some point I lost interest in photography, but that was because I believe in something called puberty. Birds were no longer the first priority ;-).

I found back to my hobby because of another hobby. As a small child I often went hiking with my grandfather, which I didn't do anymore after his unfortunately much too early death. In the longing for these good times I went hiking again about 12 years ago, on the Hohen Kasten in the Alpstein. At that time, before the Insta-hiking-mania, I was still practically on my own. It was this moment when I thought, buy yourself a camera again. And so the old hobby began to become topical again. Since then, photography has accompanied me in my life.

My focus is on nature photography or astro-photography. Astro fascinates me especially because of the technique and the patience you have to have. Slowly I am getting used to people photography, which will probably be my main point of development in the near future (still looking for models).

Where do I want to go with photography? I ask myself this question very often and have not found an answer yet. With this homepage and my recently created business cards I am probably already going one step further than just the simple hobby. I do not want to imagine how it is to have to take pictures to earn a living. I would like to pursue my hobby primarily to show you the beautiful nature and arouse your interest in the technique of photography. So I can also imagine to organize photo tours on some days of the year and to bring the people, whether beginner or advanced, the camera a little bit closer and to spend a good time outside. What I would certainly like to pursue further are cooperation’s with companies or brands (like Edelweiss and Tui in Argentina).

We will see where the journey goes.

I would be very happy about any feedback or questions. Ask me any question you might have. Only in this way I can develop my hobby a step further.




Canon EOS R


Tamron EF 15-30mm, F 2.8

Sigma EF 20mm, F 1.4

Canon RF   35mm, F 1.4

Canon EF   50mm, F 1.8

Canon EF 100mm, F 2.8

Canon RF 70-200mm, F 2.8


Filter:     Nisi Filter S5 Filter Kit

Tripod:   Rollei Compact Traveler No. 1 (Carbon)


DJI Mavic 2 Pro

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